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An oxalic acid vaporizer is a piece of equipment used to convert oxalic acid from liquid to solid to gaseous state to kill varroa mites.

This vaporizer features a built in timer and an automatic-off function. It requires a 12-volt battery for operation and safety equipment, such as a respirator and safety glasses.

The oxalic acid dissolves in water to form a colorless solution. When heated, the water evaporates, leaving behind the oxalic acid powder. The oxalic acid powder sublimes into oxalic acid gas. The gas enters through the varroa mite’s soft feet and seeps into its bloodstream, decimating it.

Is oxalic acid for your beehive?

Oxalic acid vapor treatments are not harmful to your queen, honeycomb, or worker bees. Oxalic acid vaporization only affects the invasive varroa mites, leaving your hive safe and clean.

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