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This jar lid was developed primarily for monitoring varroa mite concentration in bee populations. For this purpose a sample of 300 bees would be placed in the plastic jar on one side along with enough isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol or ethyl alcohol(ethanol) solution to cover bees. The other side should have the empty jar securely attached. Shake the jar back and forth which will dislodge mites from the bees, the mites are then able to pass through the grid and are collected in the opposite jar. Mites are removed from the opposite jar for precise counting. This shaking/removing mites should be repeated multiple times until no more mites are observed in the empty jar.

These jar lids can also used for separating various differently sized materials from each other, not just filtering mites from bees.

Key Features:

  • Designed with a 4mm center to center grid of ~.8mm wide cross members, actual square holes are about 3.15mm x 3.15mm, some may be 2.85mm to 3.2mm due to manufacturing tolerances.
  • Includes rubber seal rings on both sides. Seals are captured and will not fall out/move during normal use, but may be replaced if necessary.
  • Do not use with warm/hot water – jar lids are intended for use at room temperatures up to 110F. Plastic will degrade with long term direct sunlight exposure – as do most plastics – so please keep out of the sun during storage.
  • Grid is made from plastic and will fail if large excessive force is applied, under normal use conditions (shaking bees etc.) we have observed zero failures to date. During destructive testing, the force required to break the grid was over 50lb when spread over a 13mm circle in center of grid.
  • Lid plastic IS brittle and may crack if dropped from height onto hard surface, under normal operating conditions the hard plastic helps to keep the sealing surfaces flat.

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